Arredo & Città N°2 | 2022


Venice is the most famous city in the world. For those who have the fortune to visit it, or return to it, it always reserves unexpected emotions. This issue of the magazine is dedicated to an aspect unknown to most people: the illumination of the spaces and buildings that make the urban landscape so special and fascinating. From almost total darkness to the happiest solutions of today, many stepping stones along the way have seen a slow and gradual optimization of the lighting effects. Moreover, in the 19th century, the supports for the lights were also the object of particular attention and remain so today. One aspect that defines the unique character of Venice, in fact, is the way in which it has conserved its cast iron artefacts. This monograph could not omit, therefore, consideration of the precious and complex restoration activities, as a result of which – among other things – we can speak of Venice as a city without equals. This study is the result of exhaustive research, carried out mainly in the archives, paying close attention to sources and documents. Particular in-depth analysis was dedicated to 19th century illumination, characterized by cast iron candelabra, wall supports and lanterns.