Arredo & Città N°1 | 2020


Architecture and design in relation to the landscape is the theme of this issue. The word landscape immediately evokes the image of a scenario blessed with special beauty and hence worthy of our admiration. Many of the permanent projects, as well as some of the installations, presented here by the authors, arose to underline the exceptional nature of these places. Projects of territorial enhancement and promotion where architecture becomes the tool favoring broader perception of the sites with total respect for nature. Nevertheless, even the territories in which we are habitually immersed, or which in any case are close at hand, can become landscapes if we decide to move through them with the intention of exploring them, of getting to know them even in their gradual transformation, looking at them as we can only if we adopt a slow motion, such as walking.
This is a practice that we treat today only as a free time or holiday activity, yet the history of civilization shows us that it is intrinsic to the human being. It is by walking that man has been able to map out his spaces, attributing symbolic and aesthetic values to them and thereby producing architecture and landscape.
Through the landscape. Itineraries and identity-making projects, from memory to spectacle by Enrico Brighi

Our awareness that the natural environment and the works of man are two indivisible entities in the landscape has been acquired only with long effort. It is interesting, therefore, to observe how man has, on the one hand, attempted throughout his existence to manipulate it, adapting its features to his own needs, while remaining attracted, on the other hand, to its aesthetic qualities. Torn between thirst for dominion and devout contemplation, his approach to the territory has assumed plural connotations. Leaving aside those forms of appropriation in which man aims ...