N°1 | 2018 SS9 – Light cast on Via Emilia

Along Via Emilia: a journey in pictures 1945-1970

The unprecedented research conducted by the Neri Foundation is an itinerant journey to discover urban lighting in the major cities where Strada Statale 9 Emilia (Emilia State Street 9) passes through during that period of economic boom (1950-1960) when technological innovation applied to new materials – steel and aluminium – also revolutionised the production of the lighting fixtures and support posts. Accompanied by numerous vintage images, the intent of the study is also to provide a contribution to the project “2200 anni lungo la via Emilia” (2200 years along via Emilia) promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Secretariat of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism Activities. A route that has never been decommissioned, from the Augustan era to the present, the Emilia should be considered a “monument” as it is the only road that has given its name to an entire region.


SS9- Light cast on Via Emilia

A road as long as a region

‘Emilia itinerary’ Custom lights

Along Via Emilia: a journey in pictures

Neri SpA milestones  on the Via Emilia