N°2 | 2018 Shopping centre or destination?

The new mall will not be just another mall

Shopping centres conceived and managed for retail exclusively don’t meet the needs of new consumers that more and more often choose to shop online instead of going to stores. Do big shopping centres still have a purpose? Are they profitable? These are the most recurring and urgent questions that our authors have tried to answer; they all are highly-qualified professionals – city planners, landscape and lighting designers – who have designed malls worldwide.
New perspectives are highlighted, both by designing comfortable public open-air spaces and by creating re-imagined and sustainable urban townships where living, working, shopping and eating all seamlessly integrate together.


Davide Minniti
Cities are good for you…and your shopping!

Riccardo Marini
The mall is dead long live the mall!

Danny Crump
Pride of place

Paul Kissinger
Landscape Architecture and the Green Stuff;
it is so much more!

Paul Nulty
Light time economy
Lighting up the night time environment

Masato Kametani
A city is more than a place in space

Adolfo Suarez
Light in retail, for an architecture in service of a function

Vittorio Caponetto
The renewal of the rite

Andrea Cacaci
Between the opposites of light

Carla Wilkins
Creating a place to remember