The nocturnal city we are talking about is not that which expands only its time for amusement, and thus the opening times of its bars, discothèques and nightspots, dividing attitudes between those who enjoy the economic benefits and those who decry the implications for residents’ social habits and the use of city spaces.
A good night economy means a regulated, planned and strategic offer of different opportunities. This is a fundamental starting principle for all the considerations offered here by lighting designers who have been operating internationally for many years and have kindly agreed to illustrate their points of view or to tell their experiences in the pages of Arredo & Città.
Lighting is seen as a fundamental tool for making the city more attractive and livable. Another interesting aspect emerging from the various articles is that lighting designers do not have ready-made recipes because there is no ‘absolute’ definition of good lighting. A professional figure’s principal activity must be knowledge/awareness of the aspects of the zone in which they are operating.

N°1 | 2013

The birth of the iron and steel industry in Northern Italy

N°1 | 2010

From artificial climate to salon
amid nature

N°1 | 2009

Equal dedication
to industrial production and
restoring the heritage of city décor

N°2 | 2008

From the historical kiosk to contemporary forms

N°1 | 2008

A green oasis a place of culture.
The Open Air Museum of Italian Cast Iron

N°2 | 2007

Architectures for movement