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Arredo& Città

Arredo&Città n°1 - 2017


Street lighting between the two wars (1922-43)

Autarchic lighting. Cement lights up the new towns

The Italian Dodecanese and the rationalist town of Portolago

The evolution of light: technology and style in the fascist period

Lighting at the service of new architectures

Déco Candelabra by Duilio Cambellotti

From the United States to Germany: the origins of the concrete post

In the years between the first and second world wars, monumentalism and rationalism in architecture and, especially, the newly-founded cities, led to, as an ultimate result, the use of native materials, given the high costs of imported ones. Within the new construction sites open to design experimentation, room was made for a product never seen before: concrete lighting post. This phenomenon is also found in other countries such as Germany and, especially, the United States of America.

Museo Italiano della Ghisa

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