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Arredo& Città

Arredo&Città n°1 - 2016


The influence of classic ornament on applied arts

Rediscovering ancient art

Italy’s contribution to teaching ornament

Ornament on artistic cast iron

Repertoire of the most common ornate elements

Comparing decorations: suggestions from the Italian Museum of Cast Iron

Italian Museum of Cast Iron: the ‘decorated pieces’

“The Influence of Classic Ornament on Applied Arts” is the title of issue n.1 2016 of Arredo & Città and it documents the close relationship between 19th century applied arts and ornament from classical tradition. Street furniture on display at the Italian Museum of Cast Iron confirms this link through the rich decorations, which caused us to write an in-depth analysis of this interesting aspect. The second half of the 1800s celebrates the final consecration of archaeology as a scientific discipline based on the study of ancient sources and direct investigations in the field. Collections were begun with the goal of displaying and providing visibility for the masterpieces of classical antiquity, and finally everyone can enjoy them. This brings us to the birth of a new taste and style: neoclassicism, able to involve the entire artistic panorama.

Museo Italiano della Ghisa

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