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Arredo& Città

Arredo&CittÓ n°2 - 2015


The market and the city - Public spaces of commerce

Les Halles in Paris

Liverpool One case

Florence Central Market

The Telok Ayer Market

Covered markets of cast iron and glass

The market, as a public space designed for commerce, presents a large variety of architectural and urban configurations. In fact in traditional European cities, marketplaces have taken on different configurations depending on the different historical periods and commercial practices, as well as the shapes of the cities and their progressive transformation over time. Our purpose is to illustrate more than a history of the market, and include some characteristics of the relationships that form between marketplace buildings and public spaces in a city. Drawing from a wide selection of examples this overview underscores the timeliness of the market, still very current despite the competition of alternative forms of commerce and mass distribution.

Museo Italiano della Ghisa

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